10 Things To Do In Hamburg

Planning to make a trip to Germany?, then you must include Hamburg in a your tour itinerary. Hamburg as the 2nd largest city in Germany is a renowned tourist destination. The city boasts of numerous attractions. Given below are the top 10 things to do in Hamburg.


1. Hamburg harbour

Hamburg as a port city has a huge harbour. The Hamburg Harbour is the 3rd biggest in the world and is more than 800 years old. There are a plenty of activities which you can do at Hamburg harbour. You can take part in the boat cruise, or simply stroll on the waterfront enjoying the incredible views of Hamburg. Other things to do in Hamburg are visiting any of the numerous delectable restaurants spread along the waterfront, and treat your taste buds to mouth watering foods.

2. Hamburg fish market

If you are an avid foodie, then you must visit the Hamburg fish market. You can find a wide range of items such as fresh food, nuts, exotic fruits, teas, flowers from across the globe. The 300 year old Hamburg fish marketplace is an open air market situated in the Hamburg Harbour adjacent to the fish auction hall. The market is open from 5 to 9am and is flocked by tourists, night owls, and locals. Other things to do in Hamburg are visiting the auction hall where delicious local delicacies are served with live music.

3. Reeperbahn

Your trip to Hamburg will remain incomplete unless you make a visit to the Reeperbahn, the nightlife centre & Red light district of Hamburg. Other things to do in Hamburg are having an enjoyable and memorable time by visiting the sex shops, strip clubs, erotic theaters, sex museums, theatres, bars & clubs. All kinds of visitors throng Reeperbahn such as students, night owls, tourists, theatre goers, etc.

4. Historic warehouse district

Other things to do in Hamburg are visiting the Historic warehouse district and exploring its beauty. The Historic warehouse district is situated adjacent to the harbour. It is the biggest warehouse complex on the globe. You can find century old warehouse lining the tiny waterways, narrow cobblestone lanes. Most of the warehouse store items like original carpets, cocoa, silk, etc. At dusk, you will find the entire warehouse district, transforming into a magical environment as the light projects on the canals, bridges and buildings.

5. Emigration Museum Ballinstadt

Emigration Museum Ballinstadt is another renowned place you must visit in Hamburg. It is a memorial park & a previous emigration station. You will come to know that during 1850 to 1939, about five million individuals emigrated from different areas of Europe to move into the new world (America). This museum rebuilds this life changing voyages on the grounds of historical events. You can watch the emigration halls (original) & an broad interactive exhibition (in German & English language). Other things to do in Hamburg are tracking back your very own family’s journey by going through the original list of passengers and the huge genealogical database in the globe.

6. Church St. Michaelis

Other things to do in Hamburg are visiting Church St. Michaelis & exploring its beauty. The Church St. Michaelis is another renowned landmark in Hamburg. This church is devoted to Archangel Michael. You can find a huge statue made up of bronze standing over the church’s portal and exhibits archangel imprisoning the evil. Construction of this church commenced in 1648 and was completed in 1661. Church St. Michaelis is one of the renowned churches in the northern part of Germany. The church interiors contain white and golden seats and is capable of accommodating 3000 individuals. You can also climb the Baroque spire which is a 132-meter in height and can admire the incredible views of the Hamburg landscape.

7. Hamburger Kunsthalle

Other things to do in Hamburg are visiting the Hamburger Kunsthalle and know Hamburg’s history and rich heritage. Hamburger Kunsthalle is a renowned art museum. The museum was established in 1850. You can find some of art collection displayed in this museum. It takes you on a long journey of 7 centuries of European art right from the Middle ages to the present day. You can find beautiful 16th & 17th century paintings done by Flemish, Italian and Dutch, artist. Some of the other significant collections you can find are the Master Francke & Master Bertram’s medieval alters. You can also come across a modern art collection & displays such as conceptual art, post-1950 Pop Art, video art & photography.

8. Hafencity

Take a trip to the Hafencity, the biggest metropolitan construction project regarded as the future of Hamburg. Spread on an area of about 155 hectares this port city inside the metropolis is anticipated to increase the down town Hamburg’s population in two fold. The Hafencity features numerous innovative waterfront apartments, shiny high rise buildings, restaurants, stores and a newfangled symphony. This project is expected to be completed by the year 2025. However, you can still admire a few of the visionary architecture of Europe.

9. Alster Arkaden

Other things to do in Hamburg are making a trip to Alster Arkaden and spend some quality time in shopping and exploring the place. Alster Arkaden is a renowned place exclusively meant for retail shopping. You can find Venetian architecture inspired historical arcades. At dusk these ancient structures are illuminated by old fashioned iron lamps. The lamps guide you all along the canal to the main square of Hamburg and its affluently embellished city hall.

10. Planten un Blomen

Just take a huge breath at Planten un Blomen, the green space of Hamburg. You can find a beautiful botanical garden as well a Japanese garden considered as the largest in the whole of the European continent. Free of cost water light concerts, festivals, theatre performances are some of the amusment activities which you can watch and admire at Planten un Blomen.
Overall above cited 10 things to do in Hamburg will assist you to have a great time in this beautiful metropolis.

This is our list of top 10 things to do in Hamburg! We hope you will enjoy them while in the magnificent city of Hamburg!

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10 Things To Do In Porto

Porto is a beautiful and picturesque city in Portugal. This 2nd largest Portuguese city is a popular and much preferred tourist destination by local as well as foreigners. The city is renowned for its spectacular harbor, old-fashioned narrow streets, port wine. Porto boasts of numerous tourist attractions. If you wish to make a trip to Portugal, then given below are the top 10 things to do in Porto so that you can spend your time to the fullest.

1. Take a leisurely walk to the Historic City Centre

Historic City Centre
The Historic City Centre is a must to visit tourist spot in Porto. It is declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. This renowned tourist attraction is strategically located overlooking the Douro River. Visiting the historical city centre is like walking down the memory lane. You can come across old fashioned tumbling rugged homes, pale storefronts, baroque churches, etc. You will find all these structured heaped on top of each other in an apparently random manner. Other things to do in Porto are relishing the actual essence of the Historic City Centre by walking along the tapered meandering streets and climbing up & down the ramshackle staircases.

2. Take a trip to the port wine cellar

At the Vila Nova de Gaia’s hill sides, you can find a few of the globally renowned Port wine cellars. A majority of the cellars permits to taste their wine. You can also take part in low-priced excursions that takes you right into the centre of the cellars. Other vital things to do in Porto are requesting for large group or private tours. If you desire to procure port wine, a committed staff would be ready to assist you and answer to all your queries related to port wine. The only difficulty you will be facing, is since you are very near to the major cellars, you will be having a tough time in choosing them.

3. Stroll on the Dom Luis Bridge

Dom Luis Bridge is another well known attraction of Porto. This beautiful bridge was opened in 1886 and once held the unique honour of being the world’s longest iron arch. Gustav Eiffel, the renowned French Architect & civil engineer built this bridge. You will find the bridge reminding his other masterpiece, the Eiffel tower. The bridge links the historic centre with the Vila Nova de Gaia. The metro train moves on the bridge’s upper level, while the lower level is used by the light motor vehicles. Other best things to do in Porto are strolling on this Dom Luis Bridge and enjoy the awesome views of Porto which can be a real treat for your eyes.

4. Try to take a snap at Livraria Lello

Livraria Lello
Livraria Lello is definitely the most attractive, bookstore on the globe. Before becoming a writer, J.K. Rowling lived for some time in Porto, hence it is widely believed that Livraria Lello bookstore would have inspired J.K. Rowling to create some portions of Harry Potter’s mysterious world. Taking pictures inside Livraria Lello is strictly prohibited. But still you can try to evade and take a snap of the bookstore’s renowned stair case and have it as a memento.

5. Pamper yourself with a Francesinha

Other important things to do in Porto are visiting the renowned restaurants and taste the native dishes. Francesinha is a well-known signature sandwich of Porto. The name Francesinha factually signifies ‘Little Frenchie’as it is believed to have developed from the croque monsieur. The delectable dish will be a real treat for your taste buds as it contains two pieces of toasted bread, packed with three kinds of meat – fresh sausage (linguica), steak & wet cured ham. You will find the whole mixture draped in cheese, immersed in a beer, tomato sauce and will be served to you on a plate with French fries.

6. Scale the towers of Torre dos Clérigos

Other things to do in Porto are visiting the Clérigos Church and the Torre dos Clérigos towers. The Clérigos Church’s ornate facade and its bell tower are the most distinctive representation of Porto. You can view it from any parts of the city. Nasoni, the renowned Italian architect constructed this structure. This famous building was completed in the year 1763. If you have an iron heart, then scale the 240 steps of the church tower, you are sure to be rewarded as you can have some incredible views of Porto. It is advisable that you climb the tower after consuming Francesinha.

7. Enjoy the ocean breeze at Foz do Douro

Foz do Douro factually interpret to the mouth of River Douro. It is the seashore area where the Douro river joins the Atlanti Ocean. It is the most luxurious area in the city and is occupied by the affluent class. Upmarket cafes & palm trees line the major boardwalk. During night time you can sense an excellent vibration admiring the scenery as the Foz do Douro lighthouse located on the periphery of the Douro’s river mouth forms an impressive setting.

8. Ride on the tram # 1

Riding on the tram and exploring the city‘s suburbs are the some of the vital things to do in Porto. The tram # 1 of Porto is one of the 3 legacy line routes #18 & #22 are the other routes. The line 1 links the metropolis (at a stop called infant) to the Foz do Douro’s beach district. You can travel along the river bank and have some wonderful views enjoying the countryside.

9. Fly over the metropolis on a funicular

Other things to do in Porto are riding on the funicular and admire its incredible views. At a reasonable fee of 2€ you can ride the Funicular dos Guindais and fly over the Vila Nova de Gaia, Douro River and Ribeira and have some unmatchable views. Though the trip is a short duration of about 3 minutes, you can enjoy an awesome visual treat with a bird’s eye view of Dom Luis Bridge and other parts of the city.

10. Take a boat trip on the River Douro

You can wind up your tour itinerary with a boat cruise on River Douro. While sailing, you can admire Porto landscape’s distinctive perspectives.
On the whole, performing the above mentioned 10 things to do in Porto will help you to have an ultimate enjoyable & memorable time in this Portuguese city.

This is our list of top 10 things to do in Porto! We hope you will enjoy them while in the magnificent city of Porto!

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